ID#20180909 - Ai + ML Agents: Collection of training data to actual deployment validation, and testing

ID#20160131 - Market Segmentation - The division of a market into different homogeneous groups of consumers.

ID#20190820 - Ai Technologies can deliver an high ROI, Algorithms that predicts maintenance

ID#20190825 - Oil & Gas Production flow

ID#20160115 - Dynamic Competitive Market Place: 3C's, SWOT Analysis, PEST framework.

ID#20180831 - Kvitko Scada Project: DCS, SIS, MES to Industrial Internet / OC-VA

ID#20160127 - IDE: Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurship

ID#20180623 - Artificial Intelligence model - Predictive Maintenance Project: Parent failures & maximize useful service life.

ID#20180831 - Industry 4.0: Distributed Control System, Safety Instrumented System, Manufactured Execution System

ID#20160128 - IDE Framework: Ideation, Business Process, Professional Development

ID#20150607 - Oil and Gas - CO2 Scrubbing captures gases such as 2H2O+C1+C02+O2+C4+4H2+N2+CH4+NOx regenerated by the HRSG/OTSG gas turbine until approx. 1000 ton/day with heat combustion of 55.5 KJ/Kg,

ID#20200125 - Ai is the New Electricity, Service system models on the Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, AaaS, FaaS, RaaS)

ID#20181127 - Smart Air Filler Project: From Intelligence tag to the IoT data analytics

ID#20190825 - Sharpley Inc. Shopping Car Automated Project: World Model with CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) 

ID#20200912 - Intelligent Face Mask Project: Genetics Model, Population Dataset, Behavior Characterization, and International Health Care System for Covid-19 variants

ID#20180831 - Industry 4.0: Manufacturing logistics & Manufacturing Processes.

ID#20200415 - AR (Augmented Reality) on Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge; AR/Ai Plant Project with Scada

ID#20180403 - Artificial Intelligence model - From the Blockchain to the Machine Learning.

ID#20200714 - Intelligent Cloud (IoT) & Intelligent Edge Model: ML, Ai, VR/AR, Singularity, Metaverse

ID#20190112 - STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics; R&D strategic

ID#20180906 - SOM Self Organizing Map (K-Means); Big Data, Human, Ai

ID#20200628 - HHT CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Polydromic Repeats); Bevacizumab VEGF treatment

ID#20150928 - Oil and Gas - ITIL Service Life Cycle, service strategy is divided on Service Operational, Service Design and Service Transition.

ID#20150524 - Oil and Gas Future! Carbon Fossils Capture & Conversion from the O&G Plants into the Hydrogen Cells Engine for Autonomous self-driving systems (cars, motorcycles, aircraft, drones... etc.), also, the global energy supply chain & IoT future for this H2 power efficiency, ultra low power, smart metering and smart energy.

ID#20181220 - CO2 Closed Capture System: Convert emictions thought Catalyst system with a Closed Capture Membrane

ID#20190825 - Ai-enable Companies Roles; Ai-Driven Analytics budgets, Ai-Future Predictions

ID#20171108 - Blockchain model - From the security to the decentralized blocks,

ID#20160128 - The Pursuit of Opportunity Beyond Resources Controlled.

ID#20190909 - Oil Companies Visualization: Organizations need smarts algorithmic to accelerate innovation and growth

ID#20150928 - Oil and Gas - UAV monitoring with remote control (approx. 2000 km) for nowhere plants using Satellite, Internet, and Drones to RBI, Pipeline inspection, spill survey, etc.

ID#20170730 - CISSP - Certified Information System Security Professional.

ID#20190825 - Automation: Autonomous systems + Systems Integration


ID#20191021 - Ai-R&D: Ai-enable Cybersecurity on RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

ID#20200122 - Oil & Gas Companies Digital Twins: Robotics & Other Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning on seismic surveys