ID#20201012 - Sharpley Inc Strategy - Artificial Intelligence Research Company

ID#20210402- Data Engineering: Big Data "(4V)" Volume, Variety, Veracity, Velocity)

ID#20210726 - Azure Active Directory (AAD) connected with On-Promises, Cloud and BYOD Model:

ID#20220704 - DIY Vertical Farming Ecosystem - Produce your own vegetables at home with nutrients required for your immunodeficient system with just 4% of water.  Parts: Pump system, Water tank, Distribution tube, Spry System.

ID#20210915 - Microsoft Defender for Endpoint into the Security Operation Center for Cloud-Native Architecture, On-Promise Architecture, Co-Management Architecture, including: CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Pipeline for DevSecOps - K8S and Containers.

ID#20210816 - A2IIoT Smart Hard Hat with AR Glasses (Phosphoris + Silver + Germanium + Silicon) called " Metallic Glass Ethen Lund, GPS+WiMax signals, ALON (AL+O+N) to absorb & redirect forces called "Ultra-Strong Polymer", LiBs long-charger Battery *Caltech Technology*

ID#20210930 - Crestron Flex US-Engine; Crestron's technology for meeting rooms in the Cloud for XiO cloud-based connected with Microsoft Azure and controlled by Crestron Remote Client.


ID#20211017 - Crestron Flex US-Engine - Crestron configuration for town halls (meeting rooms connected and sharing same signal) also, connected with XiO cloud-based for Microsoft Azure and Crestron Remote Client.

ID#20210131 - Sharpley Inc. Ecosystem: Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printer & AR system

ID#20210201- Sharpley Inc.: Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printer & AR system, DIAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing), STL creation, and G-code creation (CURA - UltiMaker)

ID#20210927 - Leading-Edge Technology & Learning for Sub-Ecosystems like Drones, 3D Printers, AR, Big Data, CyberSecurity, BioHacking on Social Media (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Tick Tock, YouTube, Linkedin) and Ecosystems like Solar Panels, Coatings, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud-Based.

ID#20211218 - Robotics Ecosystem - ROS (Robot Operation System) NoEtic Ninjemys version based on OSRF (Open Source Robotics Foundations) simulated with Ignition - Gazebo, Transport asynchronous messages, Sensors, and Rendering engines.

ID#20221005 - ZTA & DSO Ecosystem - Zero Trust Architecture and DevSecOps for Azure, AWS and GCP; Change the Culture  Process & Practices, Automation & Measures, and System & Architectures.

ID#20220228 - H2 fuel cell & Autonomous Ecosystem - H2 Autonomous Car "code name - Fin Whale" All in one, Deep Cameras, LiDar, Sonar Radar, Sensors, GNSS GPS, and Chasis Control; ROS 2 + Cyber-DevSecOps provide by; Communication controller Area Network + ECWs - Electron& Control Unit and Visual Simultaneous Localizations & Mapping over GPU NVidia Driver Px.