Rafael Pena - B. Sc. Mech Eng | Computer Science | Digital Transformation | Innovator | Investor

Rafael Pena

B. Sc. Mech Eng | Computer Science | Digital Transformation | Innovator | Investor

Innovative Collaborative

I'm an innovative and collaborative designer who loves creating products with complex workflows that are more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. I'm also very passionate about integrating Biomimicry Synthetic Design Ecosystems (BIO.BIT.BOT) that involve Biological, Physical, Digital, and Metaphysical concepts as a regulatory principles for everything. Eager to leverage my expertise to make transformative contributions at the forefront of technological innovation..

Thrives on contributing to pioneering projects and engaging in collaborative efforts with like-minded individuals to propel technological advancements. A forward-thinker excited about the intersection of intelligence augmentation, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge initiatives to deploy Generative AI models to craft creative content, elevating user experiences and continuously pushing the boundaries for innovation on these Bio-Cycles.


Highly seasoned IT professional adept at managing expansive computer systems catering to a user based. Proficient troubleshooter committed to optimizing user experiences, fostering teamwork, and embracing adaptability; Expertise on:.

  • Microsoft Mastery: Proficient in Microsoft Security & Management tools for Hybrid Cloud and On-Premises Infrastructure.
  • Versatile Platforms: Skilled in diverse environments, including Kali Linux, Ubuntu, and ROS for AV Simulations.


I’m a big fan of stargazing and am fascinated by celestial objects and space-time travel. I’m passionate about the education industry and enjoy traveling. I’m also an ocean protector and believe in doing my part to conserve our planet.

In addition to these hobbies, I love my beautiful family, spends time in green spaces and hiking trails. I also enjoy playing golf, tennis, basketball, ping pong and black-box relaxation.

What are some of your hobbies? Let’s connect and share our interests!

Collaborative Webpage: https://sharpley.ca

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/siliciuss

GitHub: https://github.com/siliciuss

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